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IT sector

At SkillCo we have candidates and vacancies in the TI and development sector.

Senior IT Analyst
Web developer
Mobile Developer
Back-end developer
Front-end developer
Software Developer
Web Designer
Technical Support
Network Engineer
Data architect.
Community manager

Health Sector

At SkillCo we have professional profiles and vacancies in the health sector.

Health Manager
Health administrative assistant
Medical auditor
Coordinator of medical audit
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Financial Sector

These are some of the candidate profiles and jobs in the financial sector that we have available.

Chief Financial Officer
Financial Coordinator
Head of budgets and costs
Financial planning coordinator

Industrial Sector

Meet some of the profiles and vacancies we have available in the industrial sector.

Plant Chief
Maintenance Assistant
Maintenance Chief
Operations Engineer
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Construction Sector

At SkillCo we have jobs and profiles of professionals in the construction sector.

Director of Controlling
Construction manager
Construction Resident
Project Manager

Logistics and Services Sector

Some of the professional profiles and vacancies in the Logistics and Services sector include:

Logistics Manager
GPS Coordinator
Logistics Coordinator
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