How to stand out and build your Personal Brand

What makes you different from the competition? Why should they hire you and not someone else? These are questions that professionals often ask themselves and that we will analyze and answer in the process of building your personal brand. Find out how you can stand out and build your personal brand in this blog. 

What is Personal Brand?

Personal Branding is a concept that consists of considering yourself as a commercial brand with the objective of differentiating yourself and achieving greater professional success. A brand is something that is built day by day as it shows who you are and what you like to do.

Why you need to work on your personal brand:

Working on your personal brand will help you to have a better professional positioning. It is especially relevant in the following situations:

  • Active search for employment or self-employment opportunities.
  • Starting your own business.
  • Aspiring to improve your job position within or outside your current company.
  • Seeking to obtain an expert/specialist position in a specific area.
  • Willingness to have influence and a voice in your industry.
  • Add value and share knowledge with other professionals.

5 key elements to create your personal brand

1. Know yourself and position your brand.

The first exercise is to do a personal reconnaissance to decide how you are going to approach your personal brand. It seems to be an easy part but, actually, we consider it to be the most important and at the same time the most complex part of the process. It is essential to be clear about who you are and what you are good at (and at the same time what you are less good at) and thus decide what you want to value and what you want your personal brand to be associated with.

2. Targets defined

Setting goals and following a consistent and structured strategy beforehand will help you to really work on your personal brand and not in vain. It’s not about impressing, it’s about creating your own brand that really generates value for you and your target audience. This brings us to key 3. 

3. Define your target audience

You need to know very well who you are addressing, what is your audience? I mean, do you want to be seen on your social networks to get a freelance job, do you want a recruiter or a company manager to see it?  This will allow you to focus your efforts on directing your strategy to reach that audience that is of interest to you.  

4. Strategy: Where will you work and how?

You must develop an action plan to achieve visibility. To do this, it is necessary to work your personal brand in a very diverse way and using different formats and platforms. Here are some examples:  

  • 1-to-1 direct contact: This is the most traditional way, it can range from having a coffee with a person close to you to talking by private message on LinkedIn with someone from another country to establish a first contact.
  • Use of online tools: You can be part of a platform such as SkillCO to make your resume visible or make your social networks relevant to your industry such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.  

5. Honesty, passion and perseverance

We add three ingredients that must always remain from start to finish: honesty, passion and perseverance. To work and maintain that personal brand image that we want to convey, it is important that it is approached with honesty, that it is nurtured with passion and that it is maintained with constancy so that it is not a one-time job but rather that it is founded and persists over time, thus achieving sufficient relevance.

At SkillCO we offer you our program to discover and strengthen your personal brand. You will leave this program knowing how to tell your story in an impactful and relevant way for each selection process. We will also design and implement together a strategic job search plan. Contact us!

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