Top 4 job sectors that will be most in demand by 2022

Due to the radical changes forced by the pandemic, companies and collaborators were forced to adapt to a digital world, full of challenges that involved changes in structure and strategies to stay afloat. Today, remote work is the working mechanism of many, and for companies it marks a change in the digital era that has no return.

It is not easy to predict which job sectors will be the most in demand in the coming year, however we know that there is a trend for careers related to technology and today we want to talk about the top 4 sectors with the highest labor demand for 2022. 

1.Information Technology IT

We know that IT has been a growing field in recent years. What has made the difference is that thanks to remote work and the development of smarter technological devices, the demand for software and application developers has increased. By 2022 the trend indicates that this increase will continue to prevail with 22%,according to Forbes magazine. Which means more than 300,000 new jobs with an average salary of more than six figures. So if you are looking for what to study we recommend a career related to systems engineering or related careers. 

2.Marketing Digital

Commerce and digital marketing, is oriented to this digital world in which more and more companies are immersed, this field is one of the most likely for this 2022, as it has brought greater diversity of new positions and professional positions, which did not exist before the pandemic and all due to the revolution of IT and the internet. It is estimated that by 2022 its growth will continue to be exponential and that the prices of services for this sector will be much more valuable. 

3. Health Sector  

The health sector is one of those that year after year has a significant growth within the economy and in this last year much more so because of all that COVID-19 implied, where substantial investments were required in hiring medical staff and expansion of hospitals and clinics to attend patients in a timely manner. Therefore, the health sector is an important field not only for 2022 but for the future. 

4. Financial sector

By 2022, digital specialists are expected to be in demand in the financial sector, due to advances in technology and big data acquisition.  The BLS ( U.S Bureau Of Labor Statics) projects a 6% job growth for these professionals from 2020 to 2030, leading to an average of about 41,000 job openings each year. With this position, it is expected that companies will be able to acquire guidance services to know where to invest and how to manage their money, given the digital juncture in which we currently live. The great strength of Fintech in Latin America indicates that the technological advances required by the financial sector are in mobile and digital payments, as well as authentication and biometrics, according to a study conducted by BBVA Innovation Center. 

Finally, we would like to share with you what will be the most sought-after positions in 2022 according to EAB, a firm specializing in educational institutions in the USA. 

  1.  Data Analysts and Scientists
  2.  AI and Machine Learning Specialists
  3.  General and Operations Managers
  4.  Software and Applications Developers and Analysts
  5.  Sales and Marketing Professionals
  6.  Big Data Specialists
  7.  Digital Transformation Specialists
  8.  New Technology Specialists
  9.  Organizational Development Specialists
  10.  Information Technology Services

These are the top sectors with more demand for this 2022. If after reading this article you need to know how SkillCO helps professionals to find their ideal job and you find yourself in these sectors, write to us! We focus on Tech Recruitment! 

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