8 Reasons why it’s worth hiring a headhunter if you are looking for a job

Headhunter, tu aliado en la búsqueda de trabajo

We are in the best time to find a job and what better way to carry out the process than with the help of a headhunter.

The world is beginning to recover from the pandemic blow, just to give us an idea for the month of September 2021, the unemployment rate in Colombia was 12.1%, 3.7% less than the same period last year (DANE).

On the other hand, if we delve into the motivations of workers, we find that young people under 30 prefer companies that are characterized by offering a balance between their personal and work life, according to the Merco Talento 2021 survey.

Reasons why you should seek employment with a headhunter

Having a headhunter as an ally enhances your chances of job growth.

Headhunters, as many would think, are not only on the side of companies, there is also another side of the coin, and that is that to have that clinical eye to identify the best talent for companies, they need to have a broad, organized and segmented base of human talent, according to the needs of the market.

1. Connection with the company that best suits you.

If you want to connect with the best company, it is ideal for a headhunter to have you on their list of candidates as they will be able to profile you taking into account your personal motivations.

It’s not about getting a random company, but through workshops and approaches, your headhunter will be able to identify a company that fits your values

Where you find a true organizational culture that is compatible with you, and above all that allows you to lead the lifestyle that prioritizes your well-being and preferences.

Work will be your second home, where you will build personal relationships and live with people who will nurture your experience. That is why connecting with a company that cares about your needs and makes you feel comfortable will be a priority for your headhunter to achieve a perfect match in the workplace.

2. Experience in seeking opportunities.

The job search has changed, in the last decades we have gone from standing in long lines at job boards, looking in the newspaper or asking company by company about available vacancies, to having an endless number of platforms and offers online, which also increases the access of your competitors to these same opportunities.

Your headhunter helps you to develop a self-knowledge work, which will be the basis for the success of your job search. Together, they will analyze the characteristics that will make you stand out from your competition. In a competitive market, it is important to have an ally with experience in identifying the factors that bring a job search to a successful conclusion.

3. Advising in your selection processes.

Recruitment dynamics have changed in the last year from physical to digital interviews. Are we ready to carry out a digital recruitment process? 

To address these dynamics where we need to express our ideas behind a screen, master the digital language, show our personality in a matter of minutes, think in more limited interview times or with several people watching us at the same time and have an accelerated pace for the development of tests.

Our headhunter will be key to arrive with fluency, proficiency and consistency, which can make the difference when preferring us as candidates.

4. Develop and improve your skills with a headhunter.

Do you really know what makes you better than other professionals?

This question is one of those that you can solve with a headhunter.  This path is discovered little by little, with tools such as defining objectives, analyzing the environments in which you can thrive, developing your skills. In other words, identifying what you like, what you don’t like, what your strengths are and how to use this knowledge when choosing which positions to apply for.

5. Analysis and management of your CV.

Have you ever thought about all the information you include, which are the most valuable parts of your Curriculum Vitae? This cover letter should not only have our achievements and work experience, it should also lead companies to want to contact us.

And how is this achieved? The main idea is to show them in an organized way, the most valuable and strategic points of our profile to really connect with what they are looking for and this 90% of the time can be improved with a defined strategy and adjusting the right elements within our curriculum.

Your headhunter is the key to improve your professional profile, identify the strategic elements in it, refine the information and leave only what is strictly necessary to reach an impactful result oriented to the acquisition of new opportunities.

6. Post-hire support.

It is not about getting a job and leaving you adrift. A real headhunter is going to be with you as you get started in your new position, monitoring how you feel and if it was really what you expected.

In addition, he will give you advice on how to adapt to your new team in the best way possible, advising you on any doubts you may have, so that you can take on the challenges of being new in a practical way. The idea is that you feel happy with your new job!

7. Personal brand optimization.

The way we present ourselves, how we speak and behave, create a stamp that becomes decisive when choosing the most suitable candidate. The elements that make up that essence are what the headhunter will analyze to make them shine.

Your headhunter will work with you hand in hand on the important aspects of language and presentation, to generate a visual, written and verbal synchrony that will highlight your virtues and give you a better chance of achieving your goals, putting you ahead of other candidates and thus reaching the result you expect.

8. A headhunter helps you in your career transition.

Sometimes we realize that we are not where we want to be and a career without short and long term goals does not thrive. If you want to make a career transition, and need help identifying how to do it, working with a headhunter will help you not only find your new career path but also a purpose for your life.

Defining your career path and setting in motion the route you want to take is possible, for that you must follow a methodology and design a work schedule that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your process and really achieve what you have in mind.

Lose the fear of reaching new horizons!

If you want to find happiness at work, achieve your goals and carry out your professional and personal plan, we offer you our professional orientation program, with which you will achieve a job search with a defined strategy, a self-knowledge of your skills and professional goals, and a new and stronger life purpose.

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