The most demanded technologies in 2021!

The growth of the digital economy is unstoppable. Therefore, it is not surprising that the labor market demands more and more professionals with technological skills that allow companies to advance in their digital development. Today we will tell you which are the most demanded programming languages today. 

Increasing software development skills can open the door to new job options. In addition to one’s own preferences and capabilities, deciding which language to study implies knowing the alternatives it will generate in terms of jobs, which branches of specialization it will enable and how it will complement previous knowledge.

In this sense, we will tell you which are the five IT languages most demanded by companies so that you can be prepared. 

  1. Python: It is one of the most widely used and fastest growing Backend programming languages worldwide, as it is open source, object-oriented, scalable and very easy to understand. It is used for Artificial Intelligence (AI), for data analysis and information extraction (Big Data), for Data Science and of course for web development, software development.
  2. Java: As well as Python is one of the most popular languages, it adapts to any device (cell phones, PC, tablets, etc), it is a language a little more complex to understand and read.  It uses static typing unlike Python which uses dynamic typing. This technology is used to create desktop programs and web applications, it can be used to create video games and standalone programs.
  3.  JavaScript: Its main use is for the creation of customer-facing web pages. However, this language has been expanding its use to the development of backend and mobile applications. It is the language used by Frontend developers. It has a high interactivity index, which allows the web page to react quickly to user activity.
  4. C#:  It is object-oriented, was designed by microsoft for use on its .net platform, widely used in the gaming industry, robotics, 3D printing, controllers and desktop applications not only on Windows, but also on iOS and Android.
  5. Ruby on Rails: It is a framework, it is mainly used for web and desktop applications that are executable without internet, it is written in the Ruby programming language, if you want to use RoR you must first learn to program in Ruby. 

If you are interested in immersing yourself in the world of programming, the first thing to decide is whether you want to be «behind the scenes» as a Backend developer or if you want to be user-facing, Frontend developer. Once you have defined what environment you want to work in, you can choose one of the programming languages with the most job offers in the market or the best pay.

According to the Global Threat Report, there is a huge demand for programmers in the United States with more than 570,000 job openings for only 50,000 computer science graduates per year. That is why companies are actively looking for developers in other countries, mainly with an eye on Latin America.

Some of the most sought after digital profiles are:

  • Ux Designer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Backend Developer 
  • UI Designer 
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Ux Writer
  • Service Designer 
  • Product Designer 

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