How to say YES to a job offer

Factor 1: Why did you want the job?

Initially, there were a number of reasons that motivated you to start the job search. Remember what your priorities were and compare them with what the new company is offering you. Everyone has their own priorities and only you know what you really want in your working life.

Factor 2: Professional plans

You will not always be in the position you are in now and it is very likely that in a few years you will want to continue to improve yourself and take on new challenges. It is advisable to know what development opportunities a company offers you, if you have the possibility of continuing to grow or, on the contrary, if it is very easy to reach an insurmountable ceiling.

Factor 3: Salary

Although it is not always the main motivation, the salary has a great weight to take the big step. You should already have in mind what is the minimum amount for which you could acquire the job, which should be able to cover your fixed expenses. It is advisable that you see an improvement in the economic benefits you currently have, taking into account the other advantages it can bring in terms of benefits and bonuses.

Factor 4: Working conditions 

If everything else is clear to you, be sure to review in detail the working conditions, type of contract, duration and objectives proposed in the position.

If after analyzing all these factors and weighing the pros and cons, your answer is yes and you want to accept the job offer, we invite you to follow these steps to do it the right way.

1. Express your appreciation for the job offer. Whether you are communicating in person, by phone, or by e-mail. Thank the person who made the offer. 

2. Ask about the steps involved. For example, is there any onboarding paperwork you need to start with after accepting the job offer, will there be an induction, and how can you prepare for your first day? This demonstrates your interest, which will reaffirm to the company that they made the right decision in hiring you.

Ready, once you apply and analyze everything we have told you in this blog, you will be ready to say yes! 

It is important that you are confident that you have found the right job for you and we hope this blog has helped you make the best decision and know how to accept a job offer.

Do you need guidance in your job search process? 

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