The importance of IT management in business

Nowadays companies depend on IT more than they think. If we take a closer look, we can see that almost every interaction a company has with other companies or people requires an IT process, whether it is sales, operations, administration, compliance, projects, etc.

The reality is that in most companies, IT functions as the nervous system of the organization. It manages the most critical business processes and the automations that increase productivity. It is estimated that 95% of capital projects depend on IT to get done. Every major business decision usually involves making changes to systems.

No doubt some companies still see IT as an «unnecessary cost» instead of seeing it as a strategic differentiator. In this blog we will tell you about its importance for your company. 

What is IT management? 

This is the sector responsible for managing the technology used to store and distribute data in your company, for example, the software you use for stock management, the online customer service system and the computers used by your employees.

Thus, IT management is responsible for managing all the activities, solutions and technological resources in a company. The goal of this sector is to optimize the process of storing and accessing information. And in turn, this efficiency facilitates your team’s routine, increases productivity or even proves higher quality in the services and products you offer.


1.Increased productivity: Good IT management increases productivity in all sectors of the company. It implements tools that make the team’s routine more agile, eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Thus, your employees can focus on what they do best.  

2. Cost Reduction: Implementing IT management has upfront costs.However by thinking long term, you may realize that this investment can prevent many unnecessary costs in your company. 

3. Security: Nowadays, information security is extremely important for companies in all industries. Effective IT management also takes care of this sector.

4. Quality in the relationship with your customers: With effective IT management all parts of the company can have access to information that is vital to the customer service excellence your customers expect. 

5. Identification of new opportunities : Your customers will not be the only ones to benefit from an integrated and efficient data collection and consultation system. When all information is centralized and accessible to the team, it is easier to identify opportunities to offer your products or services.

Information technology management is fundamental to businesses in all sectors, and investing in this sector is an important decision that helps ensure the success of your company. This is because, today, it is a fundamental area for the operation of businesses in all industries. 

Remember that this will be ideal for process optimization, cost reduction and greater management efficiency. In addition to all this, it is also able to improve the relationship between your company and its customers. And, of course, ensure the security of all important information for the business routine. 

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