TIC Professionals: Advantages to be more competitive.

TICs are revolutionizing the way of doing business. For that reason it is necessary that large, medium and small companies adopt them, otherwise they will not be able to stay afloat over time. Therefore, in this blog we will tell you a little about the importance of having professionals in this area as part of your work team. 

Importance of TICs

Information and Communication Technologies are one of the most relevant sectors today, allowing efficient, fast and clear communication between different members of the same organization, favoring vital sectors such as education, health and finance.  

That is why ICTs present strong technological requirements to be implemented, which is why the demand for network and communications professionals has increased in recent years.  One of the most relevant profiles in the technology industry is that of Ethical Hackers, with a high degree of participation in companies of various industries. 

Advantages of having ICT professionals to increase competitiveness

TICs have transformed the way we work and manage resources in the company, and have become a key element in making work development more productive. It has also generated a digital revolution by breaking down the barriers of time and space that existed in the past and giving way to the «reinvention» of the economy, innovation and global competitiveness.

In Latin America. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), a consulting firm specializing in information technologies, 40% of companies in the region have implemented their digital transformation strategy for 2020. In the last year, this meant a breakthrough for productivity through TICs. 

This showed that having professionals in this sector was vital for the company’s competitiveness in the following points: 

  • Streamline the company’s communication with its environment.
  • Support teamwork (dynamization of communication and processes through virtual means).
  • Help promote products in the digital market through e-commerce and digital marketing strategies. 
  • Perform an assertive communication through various social networks and digital platforms of the company.
  • Provide security in computer and structural processes of websites: access control, password management and confidentiality of the same.  

Among other benefits that demonstrate the current boom and importance of these positions in the TIC sector. 

However, remember that it is not enough to apply technologies in companies, they will have to examine what type of technology is required and how it works, as well as whether it would have an effect on the company, since technologies do not have the same effect on all companies, it all depends on the sector and size of the organization. Therefore, it is important that businessmen have knowledge about technologies and above all that they can have trained personnel to carry out these processes and meet the objectives they have.

The COVID 19 pandemic also taught us to detect the change introduced by TICs in organizations, as it goes far beyond what has been understood so far. Information and Communication Technologies are not only a tool for reducing costs and improving management information. 

They are not just a support service for the organization’s core business. TICs are changing the nature of competition and of the economic sectors themselves. However, although it may sound paradoxical, studies show that there is currently a shortage of trained professionals in the field, that is why in SkillCO we are specialized in selection processes of these profiles for your company. 

If what you need is to find the best professionals in this area, ideal to open the field to competitiveness, contact us at info@skillcolombia.com, we are ready to help you with the selection process and to find the candidate that will match your company’s objectives. 

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